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Why ask Talent?
One of the convenient and free features of the Thalant site is the question and answer section.

Of course, we will still be able to respond to our telegram groups (Excel room groups and Excel users), but this feature (FAQ) has the benefits that may be for dear users to use the system instead of telegrams. The benefits of the Talent’s Q & A system to the Excel group of questions and answers in the telegram are:

✔️ Questions are sorted into the site.

Using this feature, you can also see similar questions in the field you are looking for. And if you are interested in a specific topic, you can also look at the questions related to that topic.

✔️ The answers to each question are along the same question.

One of the problems with telegraph groups is that you may ask a question and you will not receive an answer when you are online and immediately after asking a question. If this delays, you should navigate to the amount of information sent by friends each time you search for your question. But in the new Q & A system, you only refer to your question link and you will quickly find out if the answer has been given.

✔️ Get notified as soon as you answer questions.

Another important possibility of this system is that if you enter your email correctly when you send a question, you will be notified by email, as soon as your question is answered, and you can refer to your question and see the answer. This means that if you enter the correct email, you do not need to go back to the question.

✔️ Your questions will be referred to the relevant professors upon sending them by email.

For myself it’s not so easy for me to find unanswered questions in the telegram groups. I have to read all the user’s posts (whether it is a petition or answer other questions) so that I can come to a conclusion whether the question has been answered or not? It is very much a matter of time that I will answer the question again and again, and sometimes questions will be answered and they will not answer at all, but in the new system, as soon as the members are posted, an email will be sent to the professors and they will be informed of the insertion of the question and they will be able to As soon as possible, refer to your question link and enter your answer. Also, there is no need to read miscellaneous content.

✔️ you can rate questions.

In this system, you can rate your favorite questions (even related to other users’ questions) as well as the answers given, and you can also view the previous points and review the top questions to get to know the important problems of users.

✔️ can close the questions

After you have answered your question, you can close the questions and prevent the submission of miscellaneous content.

How can I ask a question?

To enter your question in the Taleant, do the following:

1. Go to the Question and Answer section and click on the “Ask Your Question” button to move to this page.

2. Guest with member:

If you are not registered in the Thaland, I suggest you sign up through this quick link (registration guide). But if you are registered and logged in, do not read this number again and go to number 3.

If you are not registered or logged in, you must enter your name and email to enter the question. Be careful when inserting this email because notifications of the answers given to your question will be sent to this email.

Question 3:

Insert the question first. Enter the title of the question.

Note that the title of the question should be a very brief statement of the content of your question in order to be clear by reading the approximate subject of your question. This title should not be very general, so that it can not be determined at all how much the question is, and not so long that it is more than 10 words. In fact, the details of the question should not be given in the title and it is only intended to specify the approximate subject of the question.

4- Question text:

In the larger box that is specific to your question, insert your question in a complete and transparent way so that readers will read through this section thoroughly to find out what your question is and, if possible, be able to answer it.

You can use the options at the top of this tab to insert the text of your question (especially for inserting formulas, you can leave them left to display better).

5- Classification:

It is strongly recommended that you categorize your question. For example, if your question is about the formulation issue in Excel, then first select the “computer” category from the main category, after a while, the same box opens and this time you have to select the “Office” issue and again the same box as the new one. Opens where you have to select the Excel option, and finally choose the formulation in the next box, which automatically opens. If you do the same, you should have a similar image.

6- Tag:

As the last step, you can choose the right tags for your question, so that you can have faster access to your question through search engines like Google, and the chance to respond more. My suggestion is to enter a few keywords related to your question (ultimately 5 words) in this section. You can also use these keywords to view and search the same questions.

7- Verification:

Finally, click on the “Ask Your Question” button to insert your question. Or click Cancel to delete your question.


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